Passport Photo Taking and Studio Services

Passport Photo Taking and Making Services. Family Portraits, Executive Portraits, Toddler Portraits and Shots.

Passport Photo
We are specialized in passport photos that are of the specifications required for Singapore, Canadian, and other countries’ passports. Our experience assures that the photos will be accepted by passport agencies. Passports photos are printed in 4 or 8 pieces.

Passport photos are shot on a white background or any colour as per your request. For best result, please wear a non-white shirt with sleeve, and have a decent haircut.

Passport Photo and Other Media Conversion Services


Walk-In Services

  • International Passport/VISA Photo service

             (Instant, with Studio Lighting)

  • Photograph printing service for various sizes
  • Picture Frame / Canvas customisation
  • PhotoBook / Album design and print

Media Conversion

MiniDV Tape:           – $22 / Recording hr
VHS Tape:                  – $32 / Recording hr
Vinyl record (LP):  (Subject to Copyright clearance)
Old Film Reel :        – $250 – $500 / Reel
Audio Cassette Tape: – $25 / Tape (Optional: track title $5)
Negative film:                – $15 / roll (Optional: High Res)
Slides:– $16 onwards